Marlee's Creamery
Bottle Farm Fresh
Grade A
Creamline Milk
FARM LOCATION: 10240 Kafir Rd. Carthage Missouri          

Welcome to Marlee’s Creamery

Welcome to Marlee’s Creamery Grade A permitted and Inspected family owned dairy farm where our beautiful jersey cows with their long eyelashes and soft faces are grassfed on free-range pastures that make up our family farm just outside of Carthage, Missouri.

Marlee’s Creamery offers the best Creamline milk produced by jersey cows. Our raw milk is farm fresh, whole, all natural, delicious and nutritious. We invite you to experience the goodness of Marlee’s Creamery Grade A Retail Raw Farm Fresh Milk that is second to none.


Let us introduce you to our first generation family farm here at Marlee’s Creamery that was birthed from visions from owners Dr. Mark and Leesa Robinson. The family farm was established May of 1997 after Dr. Mark and Leesa returned from completing their course work at Cleveland Chiropractic College and had a dream to both help people in their health care practice as well as raise their two children, Micah and Hannah on a farm. It has become a beautiful merge of providing wellness care from their health practice coupled with their desire to provide a whole food direct from the farm to the family table.

There are alot of things that make Marlee’s Creamery family farm unique and our milk premium:

  • SECOND TO NONE Marlee’s Creamery is, BY CHOICE, the only permitted and inspected raw milk dairy in the entire region. This means we are routinely and randomly tested by The Missouri State Milk Board and the State Health Department for sanitation and adhere to high quality standards of excellence.
  • Our beautiful Jersey cows are CERTIFIED Brucellosis and Tuberculosis FREE
  • Our retail raw milk has NO ADDED HORMONES or ANTIBIOTICS Marlee’s Creamery RAW milk is NEVER DILUTED
  • Marlee’s Creamery Grade A Retail Raw Milk DAIRY is LOCAL, Family run and family operated.
  • Marlee’s Creamery Grade A Retail Raw Milk makes excellent butter because of the rich nutritional creamline and is excellent added to recipes to delight the palate and nourish the body.

~Fresh raw milk from cows free to range on green grass is a living unprocessed whole food.

Online Purchasing will be available soon so please check back and follow us on our Facebook Page.

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