Marlee's Creamery
Bottle Farm Fresh
Grade A
Creamline Milk
FARM LOCATION: 10240 Kafir Rd. Carthage Missouri          

Delivery Cards

How to Purchase your Delivery Card:

Online (here on our website)
At all Delivery Locations
or contact us at 417-358-9381 for more information

Cost:  6 punch Deliver Card is $45.44 per card.  Each punch is each good for 1 gallon of milk.  All cards purchased have no expiration date and are non- refundable.  The cost of the card includes shipping.  The delivery cards may be used at any delivery location.  Your card will be “punched’ when you pick up your milk.

Milk is still available at the farmstore and no Delivery Card is needed.

Delivery cards make great gift cards as well as giving you the convenience of choosing your most convenient delivery location to pick-up your milk.